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dogs dealing with cats sleeping in their beds

This video is 100% joy


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When trouble strikes, head to the library. You will either be able to solve the problem, or simply have something to read as the world crashes down around you.
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I am an aunt

Not really. No blood ties, but who needs blood ties when your family lives 1000 km away?
I am already an aunt, for the sane family, their three year old. And as one 90 minutes ago we have been bless with a baby girl! Now, this one I’ll spoil a lot. Probably not.
I’ll just love her then, I’ll smother her more than her father.
Than I can do, right?



Solstice by Lynn Wang and Ed Skudder.

I wasn’t next to a computer all day yesterday, but Happy Belated Solstice! Here, have some self-plug. 


Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

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Apparently I’m forty

Every wednesday night I go pick some of the kids up from their homes to take them to church. And this one kid, whom i’ve known since birth wanted to chat. So we went, all the way, and then he turned the conversation to my age, and he said: ‘Well, I’m seven, so you’re what? 42?’

I tried not to look as shocked, because he is seven, my answer was only: ‘no, I am half of forty” After a moment of confusion his answer was: ‘so you’re 54?’

I gave up and told him my age after trying to explain the math several times. Now we really should see his math homework.

Bye bye hair
I can’t take care anymore of my long long hair

Bye bye hair
I can’t take care anymore of my long long hair